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Valuation approach


M&A Valuation of companies and participations

In Colombia we provide valuation and consulting services on investment banking with a comprehensive range of management consulting services dealing. HHC offers comprehensive valuation and consulting services with experts our allied partners, all of them qualified.


We support you in Acquisition & Due Diligence, acquisition and disposal strategies, asset and portfolio valuations, opinion of value, corporate analysis, financial reporting, budgets and forecasting, investment analysis.


Our approach helps develop a deep understanding of what makes your business valuable.


We look at the whole picture thru insights procedures to deliver our clients the key factors to fulfill their short, medium and long term strategies.

In Colombia to investment banking and valuation, we are authorized to value companies and participations (shares) since we have consultants with RAA registration from the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce and registered through the A.N.A. who is self-regulatory accredited as ERA (Recognized Self-regulation Entity)



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Financial and operational opinions and expertise report (*)


We are an experienced firm in valuation and evaluation of damages and losses, originating in commercial and industrial disputes.

• Damages, loss of profits and emerging damage

• Accountability support

• Financial and operational evaluations

• Valuation of companies and social interests

(*) Register of Appraisers (RAA)

In Colombia to financial opinions and expertise reports we are authorized to estimate corporate damages and losses, value companies and participations as long as we have the RAA registry of the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce and are registered through the A.N.A. self-regulatory entity accredited as ERA (Recognized Self-regulation Entity) in the corresponding categories:

Operating assets and commercial establishments (revaluation of assets, inventories, raw materials, products in process and finished products. Commercial establishments).


Special intangibles (consequential damage, lost profits, moral damage, easements, inheritance rights, among others).

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