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We work as reliable consultants and advisors to address the most concerning issues for institutions in the various industries and business sectors, including government institutions.  


We provide timely support as required to achieve the goals set forth for each project, through a high-impact corporate management consulting.

Corporate governance
In corporate consulting and governance we provide support and advising to the policies and mechanisms and processes by which companies are controlled and directed.


  • Boards of directors, governance and family business  

  • Teamwork strategies on senior management

  • Economic and business research and conferences for boards of directors, and senior management executives

  • Restructuring and crisis management 

Business start-up 


Achievement of new resources and seed capital to projects and small businesses through investors and investment banking firms


  • Financing and long term credit

  • Investors and equity partners 

  • Factoring  

Economic disputes


We are a experienced firm in valuation, calculations of damages and lost profit in commercial and industrial disputes.


  • Damages and lost profit calculation

  • Support in accountability

  • Financial and operational assessment

Business challenges


Managerial, financial, commercial, and operational strategy and solving business problems.


  • Strategic focus and rethink

  • Digital strategy and technology 

  • Operational redesign and updating of strategic processes and procedures. 

  • Business process reengineering and quality management standards 

  • Projects management and risks

  • Management, marketing, financial, administrative and operational consultancy and advising



We support projects and changes in finance functions to companies in any industry sector


  • Investment banking with projects valuation

  • Economic modelling 

  • Cost and expenses management

  • Financial and operational assessment

  • Valuation approach

Institutional and government


Our firm provides advising for government entities which includes research and structuring conditions for new policies.


  • Support for designing public policies

  • Structuring, monitoring, and inspecting institutional projects, 

  • Analysis of social and economic impacts of public policies.

Through our experienced consulting team you have all you need to your projects and goals.
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