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Our services provide support to overall direction to the enterprise, organization's objectives, developing policies and plans designing to achieve corporate objectives, and allocating resources to implement the business core plans


and business  PROJECTS



Some finished projects thru our director and team


  • Sena (government entity): Labor competencies to industry sector

  • Sena (government entity): Economic modelling and mutual fund forecast

  • Education Ministry (Government): Institutional audit
  • Centro de Estudios Colombianos: Research and support in projects

  • Asopartes and Fenalco: Management performance research

  • TCCC Tejano Center for Community Concerns: Financial forecast and institutional budgets

  • Health institution: Valuation and institutional performance analysis
  • Educational institution: Valuation by FCF method and by assets approach 
  • BTL company: Teamwork conference

  • Law firm: Financial assistance in many disputes 

Investments & LOANS

Business plan & MODELING

Valuation APPROACH


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