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Strategy and finance

Strategy and finance with an emphasis on business and institutional performance. 

We prepare the business plan that you require and your financial projections for your company, entity, or project.

We design structures in projects supporting the strategic plan.

We provide consultancy in improving management, commercial, financial, administrative, and operational performance.

- Strategic planning and indicators.

- Financial models for new projects.

- Costing of projects or new products.


Micro consulting in staff and committees.

On an occasional, priority, or regular basis, our consultants and experts in each strategic and business topic work with your work meetings, staff, or committees for better decision-making. You will have our support and expert opinions when you address strategic, financial, commercial, sales, service, research, and innovation, digital transformation, quality, procedures, costs, and optimization of administrative or production processes of any industry.


Market research

We collect, analyze and interpret data on the current conditions of a specific market or industry sector in Colombia or Latin America. We conduct interviews with senior executives or experts in the specific sector that our client needs.

With us, they can evaluate the market situation to increase their participation, investment, or launch or promote new products or services. Our clients minimize the associated risks.

We help identify new opportunities in different market segments.

Corporate finance and costs


We support projects and reconsiderations in the financial function of companies in any sector and industry, carrying out for our clients an assessment of their projects in investment banking, economic and financial models, and advice on management and reduction of costs and expenses.

Corporate management

On corporate governance, we provide support and advice to the policies, mechanisms, and processes through which companies are controlled and directed.


  • Boards of directors, corporate governance, and family businesses.

  • First-level teamwork strategies.

  • Research and economic and business conferences for senior management and management.

  • Management in business crisis or restructuring plans.

  • Human development, coaching, and performance evaluation.


We have extensive experience to support national entrepreneurship and the innovative vision of Colombian companies and entities. In managerial, financial, commercial, and operational strategy including the solution of business problems you will find with us:


  • Strategic orientation and redefinition.

  • Business strategy, marketing, and sales. Customer Service, CRM, and Experience Design.

  • Strategy and technological or digital transformation.

  • Operational redesign and strategic updating of critical processes and procedures. Process reengineering and quality management.

  • Project and risk management.

  • Consulting and managerial, commercial, financial, administrative, and operational advice including human development.

Digital transformation and technology

We lead the implementation of technological, strategy, and digital transformation, virtualization, and social network management projects through our Digital Transformation portfolio.

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