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Tatiana García Victoria

Professional experience : 18 years 

Consultant and economist expert in financial structuring and analysis of projects. Economist from the Universidad de los Andes with complementary studies in Law. She has developed her expertise with an emphasis on research and project evaluation. She has experience in activities that involve the use and generation of knowledge, including the structuring of financial models for new projects.


Her professional skills have allowed her to participate in studies to measure the financial impact of changes in interest rates and mortgage guarantees for entities such as the World Bank, ICETEX and SENA, analyzing the financial sustainability of the funds and presenting recommendations for credit payments and amortization systems.

Her professional and personal growth as a consultant is due to the quality and reliability of her work and projection through practice. Her ability to analyze and her permanent academic interest have allowed her to develop skills in text writing, to facilitate the rigorous presentation of projects and technical documents for public entities.

Experience with companies and entities such as:

World Bank, ICETEX, SENA – FNV, projects and financial models with C&A, HHC, Asobursatil, advisory on financial settlements for legal processes (law firms).


Expertise and capabilities:

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