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German Alberto Nieto Perico (MS)

Professional Experience : 28 years

Consultant and innovative and adaptable professional, has been part of the creation of several companies that have proposed highly innovative solutions in their sector, five product launches, has received recognition for their creative work and the ability to perform different functions.

Many experiences have allowed him to demonstrate his capacity for analysis by correctly interpreting the different situations in the environment and, in turn, proposing strategic solutions according to the available resources and proposing a new one.


He has experience as a consultant in Design Management, design diagnostics (Nalsani S.A.S) in research and product development projects (SEKKEI Ltda.), And is currently studying in depth the application of neurosciences applied to product development. Likewise, he has carried out research into the conformation and launch of products, applying the advances of neuro-marketing, design thinking and neuro-design.

Experience with companies and entities such as:


Pontificia Universidad Javeriana as a professor and researcher for more than 25 years and experience in companies such as Sekkei Ltda, Centro de Gestión Diseño y Colombia Propia, Caracol Radio / Mercadeo.

Expertise and capabilities:

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