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Ricardo Martínez Pucci (Sp)

Professional experience : 36 years 

Consultant and economist of the Universidad Javeriana Bogotá, postgraduate in finance Universidad del Rosario, with training in high management and risk in programs, among others the following entities: Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of America -University of Stanford (joint program) and BankBoston. Treasury Manager, International Manager, Vice President of Credit and International Vice President of Banco Royal Colombiano (Union) and Banco Exterior and of the Andes (Standard Chartered), as well as Vice President of Risk of Banco Continental de Panamá.


Consultant since 1999 for companies such as Saic-Intesa, in consumer credit and application of scoring systems for Credomatic, Central America, and in corporate and business credit for Banco San José (Costa Rica). He has advised and is a member of the Board of Directors of Hoteles Royal Latin America (USA). He has advised in integral risk, that is to say credit, financial and operative to the Banco Continental Panama (Panama), consultant for the update of the investment risk manual of the Fiduciaria Cafetera S.A., Fiducafé, among other risk assessment works.

Experience with companies and entities such as:

In financial sistem Credomatic and Banco San José de Costa Rica, Banco Continental de Panamá, Banco Unión Colombiano, Union Bank (Barbados)  Ltd y Banco Extebandes, Junta directiva de Hoteles Royal Latin América.  

Consulting proyects with Latín América Consulting Group, Hoteles Royal S.A., Fiduciaria Fiducafé, Lucendy Consultores, Saic-Intesa, Valoraciones en IPS, and grupo educativo Bogotá

Expertise and capabilities:

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