Nelson Leonel Sánchez Caro (MS)

Professional experience : 20 years

Consultant and master in business administration, experience in senior management and strategy development in search of new business, project management of technological innovation and merger of organizations. With important results in the transformation of companies towards automatic, safe, simple and efficient operation through the use of technology. College professor.


Consultant, Project Director, Area Director, Vice President of Technology and Operations, Vice President of Banking Infrastructure. In: Cumbria, FSC, Comsistelco, Conexred, Bancamia, Ptesa, Alcaldía de Bogotá, Finamerica and Bancafe.  Dynamic, Leader, innovator, conciliator, high focus on results, proactive, committed to teamwork, effective communication and good professional relations.

Experience with companies and entities such as:


Finamerica S.A., Banco Cafetero, Cumbria, Comsistelco, Conexred, Ptesa, Alcaldía Bogotá.​

Expertise and capabilities:

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