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Ana María Moreno Gómez (Sp)

Professional Experience : 22 years

Consultant and marketing manager and business consulting with graduate degree in marketing management from Los Andes University and ample experience in several industries, i.e. Heavy duty Industrial machinery, Plastics, Consumer based products, and services amongst other sectors.


Respected leader in all the professional endeavors with former employers, i.e. Nestle, Sandvik, Ameco, amongst others.


Extensive experience in business development with strict adherence to sales and strategic goals across the Andean region and Colombia. Capable of conceptualizing and orchestrating marketing campaigns that effectively reinforce and build brand images.


Also, she is expert in the technical, strategic and content development of sales-driving initiatives based on deep market research and segmentation. Proven ability to drive introduction of high marketing campaign response rates, efficient distribution, portfolio optimization, building long lasting relationships, managing multidisciplinary teams in order to execute successful product launches.

Experience with companies and entities such as:


Ameco Colombia, C.I.C. Consultores de Ingeniería y Cimentaciones,  Interservice, Sandvik Del Perú, Nestlé De Colombia, Productos Alimenticios Mil Delicias, Laboratorios Griffith De Colombia S.A.    

Empacor S.A, Tapon Corona De Colombia, Dupont De Colombia, Xerox De Colombia S.A. 

Expertise and capabilities:

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